Rural Tourism

Tourism based on the cultural roots of Patagonia.

Get to know and experience the way of life of those who first came to the region, their customs, traditions, stories, and affairs … Experience the earth, experience the real Aysén all throughout Carretera Austral.

To know and experience the way of life, the traditions and customs of those living throughout the Aysén territory are, for many tourists, one of the most important aspects of their journey.

The fact is that Aysén is a land of pioneer men and women, and all along Carretera Austral, it is possible to find their stories and experiences. In each stop, you will have the incredible opportunity of sharing with the true inhabitants of the southern tip of Chile.

In locations as diverse as the village of La Junta, on the northern edge of the Aysén region, or in Villa O’Higgins, the last town of Carretera Austral, you will find a vast range of guided activities that will allow you to get to know and understand Patagonian customs. From spending a night in a genuine house where settlers once lived and sharing the ritual of a mate with their descendants, to going on glacier excursions and climbing the southern mountains, while getting to know the anecdotes and experiences of an old Baqueano.

Horseback riding, trekking, nautical excursions, fly fishing, and hiking are some of the activities that tourists can experience with the help of several local guides, who specialize in this type of tourism.


Activities and services of rural tourism:

Accommodation Rural accommodations are characteristic for their southern hospitality, typical of Patagonia, they also adhere to high-quality standards, which welcome visitors in a warm, simple and comfortable way, while making them feel safe during their stay.
Horseback riding Enjoying a trail-ride accompanied by real Patagonian gauchos is a unique and fascinating experience.
Trekking and Hiking Walks and tours conducted by several local people through their lands and surroundings, which were once inhabited by pioneers.
Fishing and boat rides Boat rides through rivers like the Baker, which has a unique and indescribable beauty, along with local guides.
Local restaurants Places where you can eat typical foods and experience the local culture.
Camping and quinchos Camping is an excellent alternative to experience nature. Campsites and quinchos (barbeque places) are located at strategic points throughout Carretera Austral, making it possible for tourists to get to know and enjoy “asados al palo” (traditional roasts.)

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