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Patagonian Aysén is a young region, which can surprise you with its artistic expressions such as music, painting, crafts, literature, and theatre.

Patagonian Aysén is a young region, which can surprise you with its artistic expressions such as music, painting, crafts, literature, and theatre.

When visiting Patagonian Aysén you will find a mixture of customs from Argentina and Chiloé, together with the cultural contribution of immigrants from various parts of the world, as well as the vestiges of the Tehuelche culture, which used to inhabit these lands. For all these reasons, we invite you to learn more about the different cultural manifestations, such as traditional crafts, old sayings, typical games, local cuisine, the festivals and the traditions.

Patagonian Aysén has a lot of traditional and popular music, that has given rise to significant national bands, such as Los Difuntos Correa or Los Vásquez, as well as other musicians who have decided to stay in the regions, such as the Trapananda duet, Par de Chocos, Alonso Núñez and Richard Sepúlveda, among others. You may look them up and get to know them at

There are a series of traditional festivals, in the Aysén region, which take place every year; the ones that stand out are:

Rock at Simpson River

www.amip. cl

Agrupación Músicos Independientes de la Patagonia (Grouping of Independent Musicians from the Patagonia) It gathers the best regional rock bands as well as other bands from different parts of Chile and Argentina, and it consists of a great concert in a natural environment.
Patagonia Film Festival

Agrupación Patagonia Visual Film contest that offers a comprehensive overview of local productions for the whole family, at Centro Cultural Coyhaique. The projected films compete for the Cantaría de Bronce award.
Patagonia en Escena Theatre Festival

Agrupación Malotún Ortiga Event that offers to the local community and tourists the opportunity to enjoy various entertainment and educational activities aimed at all public.

Aysén Patagonia is also the cradle of great artists, amongst the most renowned are:

Renato Tillería Watercolour artist known by all as the master of regional landscapes, colors and customs. He is recognized globally and has put together uncountable art exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His works can be found in private collections in Chile, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Italy, France and the United States, among others. At his workshop, which is located in the bypass of the city by Ruta Siete Sur, number 123.
At Centro Cultural and other exhibitions in the city.
Robinson Mora He has lived in Coyhaique since 1971, where he has found the much-needed peace and quiet as well as the inspiration to oil-paint his awarded works, which have been labeled as “geometric surrealism.” He has presented his works in major museums around the country, such as the Bellas Artes in Santiago. You may contact him by Email:
Sigismundo Sade Born in 1953 in Puerto Aysén, he studied pedagogy in Fine Arts at Universidad de Chile. He has received several awards for his sculptural works and his pyrography works in leather:  Homenaje a Gabriela Mistral National Award granted by La Nación newspaper (1991,) International award of Revista Científico Cultural, Arte Contemporáneo, Italy (1995.) He has been recognized, on a regional level by the public and private institutions, for promoting the territory’s culture and identity. His works can be found in different places in the city.
His work has been exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Argentina and in our country, Chile.
Catalina Correa Born in Santiago and living in Coyhaique since 2009, is an outstanding and versatile visual artist, who works with different techniques such as drawings, installations, and multimedia works. You can see examples of her work at
Oscar Ziehlmann Stone artist. When you get to Coyhaique’s main square, you will immediately see his sculpture of La Madre Tehuelche that represents the love and connection between mother and son. This wonderful piece will give you an idea of the great quality of this artist’s work. Oscar is almost always sitting down and working in front of the square. You will be able to spot him immediately, and you will be surprised by his stone carvings of landscapes, animals, and rural-life scenes.
Sandra Bórquez
A Matter of Gender
She is an artist that works with fabrics, creating tapestries of images based on regional landscapes, experiences, and imaginary. She has exhibited her works in various parts of the region and various places in Coyhaique. You may see examples of her work at:
Ilinka Mergudich Ilinka was born in the southern city of Punta Arenas and is currently living in the city of Coyhaique. She created a line of art and design based on the images, history, and colors of Patagonia, by combining ancestral techniques with modern and exclusive designs. You may see examples of her work at:
Marcela Stormesan Bravo Visual artist born in Santiago, but raised in Coyhaique and now living in Villa O’Higgins. Despite having formal studies in art, she declares to be self-taught. She stands out for the shapes and colors of her works, which she applies with great fluidity. She has exhibited her works in various parts of Chile and the region of Aysén. You may see examples of her work at:
pintaconusurpacion. blogspot. cl
Or you may find her at her workshop in Villa O’Higgins, at Lago Cisne, 102.