Adventure Racing

Adventure Races in Aysén cross through the most diverse and beautiful of landscapes, such as forests, steppes, lakes, rivers, mountains, snow and glaciers.

Adventure Races in Aysén cross through the most diverse and beautiful of landscapes, such as forests, steppes, lakes, rivers, mountains, snow, and glaciers. You may even experience all four seasons in one day.

Annually, there are more than 10 Adventure Races in Aysén, which bring together thousands of sportsmen, families, and lovers of the natural environment. The races include different types of adventure sports, such as mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, trail running, running and rafting, while crossing a scenery of beautiful landscapes all year around.

Some of the races that will take place during 2017 are:

Two-days sporting event, consisting of a Triathlon that starts with mountain biking (MTB), then running and finally kayaking. It begins in Puerto Sánchez, on a bike, and continues all the way to Bahia Murta at General Carrera Lake. FACEBOOK:
Explora Murta
The group Descent through the Palena route is a BI-REGIONAL event, from the mountains to the sea, that begins in the region of Los Lagos and finishes in the region of Aysén, specifically at Cuenca del Palena. The circuit is done on kayak, raft, and cataraft, through the pristine waters and lush landscapes of Northern Patagonia. FACEBOOK:
Descenso Colectivo Ruta del Palena
Adventure Race that takes place in the so-called Provincia de Los Glaciares (Glacier Province,) specifically at the Commune of Cochrane.
Participants must race in teams of two and must be over 18 years of age. It includes the following disciplines: trekking, sit-on-top tandem kayaking, mountain biking and orienteering.
The racing area is at an average elevation of 530 and 750 meters above sea level. The race, in all its categories, goes through different lakes, such as the Frío, Pollux and Castor. Racing categories are 10K, 15K, 24K, 42K, and 60K. WEB SITE:
This event consists of a two-day hike aimed to create awareness and be reminded of the care and protection needed by the Huemul (hippocamelus bisulcus) and their fragile habitat, which is located between Chacabuco Valley and the mountains of Tamango and Tamanguito. WEB SITE:
This biking race takes place in an area of an elevation that ranges between 300 and 800 meters above sea level. The race, in all its various categories, goes through different lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains. Crossing several rural plots dedicated to livestock and small agriculture. Racing categories are: 13K, 26K, 37K, 63K, 80K. FACEBOOK:
Aysen Challenge is the most beautiful adventure race in Chile takes place in Aysén since 2011. With its summer and winter versions, it has achieved to captivate the community and the competitors, who are immersed in epic landscapes in order to enjoy orienteering, kayaking, trekking, and cycling. The race takes place every other year.

It has Summer and Winter Versions.

Desafío AYSÉN Invernal (Aysén Winter Challenge)
TETRA - oceano_andino-06.png Race consisting of 4 disciplines: skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and running in one of the most beautiful natural settings of the Coyhaique commune.
To stimulate teamwork, participants must compete in quartets and in the following categories: WOMEN, MEN, and MIXED TEAMS.
Tetra Coyhaique
The Kayaking International Meeting seeks to bring together both regional and international kayakers, who are interested in coming to see the region, share their knowledge and learn new skills that will enable them to perform safe navigations. FACEBOOK:
Encuentro Internacional de Kayak ACA Patagonia – Aysén
Image result for jeinimeni la ruta La Ruta del Jeinimeni (Jeinimeni Route,) is an adventure race with three disciplines: trail running, mountain biking and kayaking. It lasts 2 days and takes place on the trails of Jeinimeni Lake National Reserve as well as the areas surrounding Chile Chico. The circuit has a total length of 140 and 180 kilometers (depending on the category,) and crosses through rivers, lakes, mountains, trails, and forests. WEB SITE:

It is a Trail Running event that not only invites you to travel the unique landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia but also to live an unforgettable experience. Under this premise, the race seeks to imprint an indelible memory in your personal history as a runner, an adventurer and a lover of nature and the outdoors. WEB SITE:
The HI TEC Cerro Castillo Outdoors Week is an event that incorporates 2 independent challenges: Mountain Biking and Trail Running. Both take place in the Chilean Patagonia at the foothills of Cerro Castillo Glacier and its surroundings. Participants may joyfully experience the local tourist attractions, such as General Carrera Lake, Río Ibáñez Waterfall, Paredón de Las Manos, Cerro Castillo Glacier, and all of Carretera Austral. WEB SITE:
Reto-Los-Glaciares The Glacier Challenge is a race that lasts three days, with an intermediate camp; hence, competitors must bring their own camping equipment. The race is run in double teams (men, women or mixed teams,) and in a single category. Participants must be in proper physical condition to compete in the race. WEB SITE:

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