Border Crossings

Know all our border crossings.

One way to enter the Aysén region is through one of the several border crossings that connect Chile to the provinces of Chubut and Santa Cruz, Argentina. The following are the most used routes:

Futaleufú It is located in Los Lagos region at 423 kilometers from Coyhaique. Consolidated gravel and asphalt. 8 hours.
Alto Palena (Paso Rio Encuentro) It is located in the municipality of Palena in Los Lagos region, 417 kilometers from Coyhaique. consolidated gravel 8 hours.
Paso Pampa Alta (old crossing)* Located 35 kilometers from Villa Ñirehuao. Gravel 3 hours.
Coyhaique Alto It is located 45 kilometers east of the city of Coyhaique. Consolidated gravel. 1 1/2 hours.
Paso Huemules (Balmaceda) It is located 55 kilometers south-east of the city of Coyhaique. Asphalt. 1 hour.
Palavicini* It is located 127 kilometers south-east from Coyhaique, and 20 kilometers from Puerto Ibáñez. Asphalt and gravel. 2 hours.
Jeinemeni Located 4 kilometers east of Chile Chico and 402 kilometers from Coyhaique. Consolidated gravel and asphalt. 8 hours by land, and
3.5 hours in a combination route, taking a boat to Puerto Ibáñez.
Roballos* The access is 8 kilometers northeast of Cochrane. Gravel. 7 hours.

* The migration paperwork to leave the country requires a safe-conduct pass, obtained previously at Immigration offices, PDI, at Avenida Baquedano 511, Coyhaique.

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Map of Border Crossing – Access to Aysén