How to get there?

Know all the access ways to visit the Aysen Region.

Vía Aerea

Option 1: Take a flight from Santiago to Balmaceda, which lasts approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, without layovers.

Option 2: Take a flight from Puerto Montt to Balmaceda, which lasts approximately one hour. You may also reach Aysen from other cities, by adding a layover at the airport “El Tepual” in Puerto Montt.

Option 3: Take a flight from Punta Arenas to Balmaceda, which lasts approximately two hours and is available on a weekly basis.

At the Balmaceda airport, you may rent a car or take a transfer to Coyhaique. The approximate value of the transfer is $5,000. The duration of the trip is 50 minutes through 56 kilometers of paved road.

Vía Terrestre

The entry points to the Aysén region by land are the border crossings from Argentina and the route Puerto Montt – Chaitén – Hornopiren, which is in the northern part of Carretera Austral.

Carretera Austral begins in Puerto Montt, at Los Lagos region. From Puerto Montt, you must travel south for 45 kilometers, towards Caleta La Arena. This is where the BIMODAL ROUTE begins, which combines 3 navigable stretches, with connecting land routes:


  • Navigable Stretch 1:
    Caleta La Arena – Caleta Puelche, 45 mins.
  • Land route
    Caleta Puelche – Hornopirén, 60kms.
  • Navigable Stretch 2:
    Hornopirén – Leptepu, 4hrs.
  • Land route
    Leptepu – Fiordo Largo, 10kms.
  • Navigable Stretch 3:
    Fiordo Largo – Caleta Gonzalo, 45mins.
  • Land route
    Caleta Gonzalo to Chaitén, 60kms.


  • Navigable Stretch 1 does not require a previous reservation. Passengers may board by order of arrival and payment is made on the boat.
  • Navigable Stretches 2 and 3 have a single fare, which is valid for both. Previous reservations are required, as these routes are not traveled very often.

Passengers must be on the boarding pier one hour before departure.

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Vía Marítima

From Puerto Montt, you will travel for 24 hours through the Seno de Reloncaví, the Corcovado Gulf and a series of Patagonian channels.

In Chiloé, it is possible to take ferries from Quellón to Chaitén. There are also small boats and ferries that sail to other locations further south, such as Melinka, Raúl Marín Balmaceda, Puerto Cisnes and Puerto Chacabuco. For all previous alternatives, it is necessary to check availability and frequency. From Puerto Montt, it is also possible to take a ferry to Chaitén and Puerto Chacabuco, which is the main port of the Aysén region, located 81 kilometers from Coyhaique, the regional capital.

Also, it exists a maritime connection between Puerto Yungay and Puerto Natales, which landfalls in the towns of Caleta Tortel, in Aysen Region and Puerto Eden, in Magallanes Region. This trip considers about 40 hours sailing through fjords and channels in the Southern Ice Field.

FROM LOS LAGOS REGION Puerto Montt – Chacabuco 24 hours approx.

Puerto Montt – Chaitén 7 to 12 hours approx.

Quellón – Chaitén 8 hours approx.
Quellón – Puerto Montt 8 hours approx.
Quellón – Puerto Cisnes – Raúl Marín Balmaceda 12 to 24 hours approx.
Quellón – Puerto Chacabuco 30 hours approx.
FROM MAGALLANES REGION Puerto Natales – Puerto Yungay – Caleta Tortel 40 hours approx.