Lago Chelenko – Río Baker

The biggest Lake and the mightiest River of Chile.

The greatness of the General Carrera Lake overwhelms. It is the second largest lake in South America and its waters are divided by the border with Argentina, where it is known as Buenos Aires lake. It flows into the Bertrand lake, which gives life to one of the major tourist attractions of the zone: The Baker river.


In the east zone of the General Carrera Lake, there are places that have a moving beauty. One of these examples are; the Marble Chaples & Caves, you can access them by boat excursions departing from the town of Puerto Rio Tranquilo. Another way to get to these marble formations is through the small town of Bahia Murta and also from Puerto Sanchez village.

There are several glaciers near as the Leones and Exploradores and is also possible to sail to the well-known San Rafael lagoon through Exploradores bay. In the north shore of the General Carrera Lake is located Puerto Ingeniero Ibañez, which is about 100 km away from Coyhaique and in the south shore, you will find Chile Chico. A place with a privileged microclimate and which is very close to Bahia Jara a beautiful lake beach. Also, you can visit the National Reserve Jeinimeni which is an ideal place to practice adventure tourism. You cannot miss the Las LLaves path on the way to Puerto Guadal, in the surroundings there a waterfall called Los Maquis, which has 25 mt high. Another place to visit is Puerto Bertrand, located at the mouth of the lake of the same name, which has excellent places to practice fishing and water excursions, such as kayaking or descending in a raft the Baker river, the mightiest river of Chile.