Fjords and Channels

Daydreaming Landscapes

One of the main attractions of the Aysen Region it is its peculiar formation. The irregularity and its dismembered land make this zone very special and breathtaking to everyone who visits it, and it is that its terrains are not only located on the continent.

Visit the Guaitecas Archipelago, the north entry of the region in the coastal zone. There you will find the town of Melinka located on Ascension Island and the capital of the commune of the Guaitecas. From this part, you will see a variety of marine fauna and exquisite gastronomy characteristic of the coast. Further south from Raul Marin Balmaceda, there are some small villages like Melimoyu, located in the Sound of the same name. In the north of Magdalena Island there is a group of islands called Galas islands, here is Puerto Gala, place where it was filmed the movie “La Fiebre del Loco” (abalone fever). In this group of islands, you will find Toto, Chita, Antonio Ronchi islands and one called Isla Sin Nombre (no name island).
In the Magdalena Island, there is a town called Puerto Gaviota which is notable for its rocky peaks, cliffsides and steep slopes making a privileged scenery.
Going south on the way to Puerto Chacabuco, are located the Huichas islands which has three small towns on it: Estero Copa, where around 30 families live there; Caleta Andrade, a picturesque fishing community surprising by the beauty of its surroundings and Puerto Aguirre, a lovely town characterized by its narrow fjords, hills sinking into the sea and street covered of seashells.