General Carrera Lake

The General Carrera Lake / Buenos Aires Lake is located in the Patagonia and it is shared by Chile and Argentina. The General Carrera Lake is the biggest lake of Chile and the second biggest in South America, after Titicaca lake.

Baptized as Chelenko, which means “turbulent waters,” in the Tehuelche language, this lake has a particular quality that gives it global recognition: the turquoise color of its waters, that drain into Bertrand lake and then Baker river, the most abundant river in Chile.

The lake is shared between Chile and Argentina, where it is called Buenos Aires. It is the largest lake in Chile and the second largest in South America, with a surface of 978,12 kmand a length of 200 kilometers. It is located 350 meters above sea level and has a maximum depth of 590 meters.

Located in the basin of the lake are the towns of Chile Chico, Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Puerto Ibáñez, Bahía Murta and Puerto Cristal. These locations are privileged with a microclimate that makes them unique since they are home to exceptional natural attractions and constant good temperatures, ideal for visitors who wish to enjoy contemplation, relaxation, navigation and outdoor activities. In the surrounding areas, it is also possible to engage in activities such as recreational fishing, horseback riding, and trekking, allowing the visitor to enjoy the flora and fauna surrounding this magnificent lake.

Throughout the road that surrounds the lake waters, and from different angles, it is possible to see the peaks of the mountains San Valentín and San Lorenzo, covered in glaciers.

One of its most popular attractions is the Capillas de Mármol Natural Sanctuary, a set of marble outcrops, along with a coastal strip that is 300 meters long and that is shaped by the waters of General Carrera Lake.

a- General Information

Year of Establishment:

Total Area: 978,12 km2 and 200 kilometers long. It is located at 350 meters above sea level and has a maximum depth of 590 meters.

Location: It is located in the communes of Puerto Ibáñez and Chile Chico.

Nearby Towns: Puerto Ibáñez, Bahía Murta, Puerto Sánchez, Puerto Guadal, Puerto Tranquilo, Mallín Grande and Chile Chico.

Distance and Estimated Time from Coyhaique: 120 kilometers, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

b- Access Routes (by land/ by sea/ by air)

By land and by sea.

c- What to do / Activities:

The lake supports various tourist activities; amongst which the most popular are kayaking, taking boat rides and diving. It is also an excellent scenario for photography.

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