Exploradores Glacier

The great mass millenary ice that descends from Mount San Valentín, the highest mountain in Patagonia.

The great mass millenary ice that descends from Mount San Valentín, the highest mountain in Patagonia (4,058 meters above sea level,) is the northeastern part of Campo de Hielo Norte (Northern Ice Fields,) a valley glacier at an altitude that ranges between 180 and 2000 meters above sea level. A glacier that still has not receded; although, it is losing its thickness at a quick rate.

Located west of Puerto Rio Tranquilo, it is accessed by a gravel road that connects with Bahía Exploradores. The glacier has a total length of 18 kilometers and a width of 3 kilometers, approximately.

Currently, to visit this glacier there is an interpretive trail suitable for all public, that crosses through an evergreen forests. After walking for about 30 minutes through a steep rise in the middle of the woods, you reach a unique viewpoint of the glacier and of mount San Valentín, against the backdrop of Campo de Hielo Norte (Northern Ice Fields.)

To get closer to the glacier, you must consider a 10 hour hike, back and forth, with proper equipment; therefore, we recommend contacting specialized guides to do it. During the tranche, there are various formations in the ice, such as caves, arches and mills of celestial colours: whites and deep blues.

a- General Information

Total Area: 83,22 km2

Location: Located 52 miles west of Puerto Rio Tranquilo.

Nearby Towns: Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Puerto Sánchez, Bahía Murta and Chile Chico.

Distance and Estimated Time from Coyhaique: 270 kilometers, 5 hours.


National – Adults: $4.000; elderly people: $2.000; adults with disability: $2.000; children: $2.000.

International – Adults: $7.000; children: $3.500.

b- Access Routes (by land/ by sea/ by air)

By land

c- What to do / Activities:

At Exploradores Glacier, the main activities you may do are trekking on the glacier, sightseeing the glacier valley and photography.