Capilla de Mármol (Marble Chapel)

The natural monument “Capillas de Mármol” (Marble Chapels) at the Natural Sanctuary are a group of small islets and islands, mostly made of marble.

The natural monument “Capilla de Mármol” (Marble Chapel) at the Natural Sanctuary is a group of small islets and islands, mostly made of marble. They are located at General Carrera Lake, between the towns of Puerto Río Tranquilo and Puerto Sánchez, and are legally protected for their conservation.

These beautiful caves have a high content of limestone that has been eroded by the waves of General Carrera Lake, which have left the marble clear of impurities and on display for visitors to admire. The arbitrary shapes carved by the water project the image of a great cathedral built on the lake. This is what has brought the community and tourists to call them Capillas de Mármol (Marble Chapels.)

When the water level allows it, it is possible to sail underneath this natural monument and appreciate the spectacle of colors, predominantly whites, as well as the shapes sculpted at the interior of this giant rocks.

There are small boat excursions through the Caverns and the Capillas de Mármol, that start from Puerto Tranquilo, Puerto Sánchez or Puerto Guadal. The excursions can take at least an hour through these geological formations of great beauty.

a- General Information

Year of Establishment: Declared a Natural Sanctuary in 1994

Total Area: 300 meters long marble coastal strip.

Location: Opposite the location of Puerto Rio Tranquilo, 170 kilometers from Chile Chico.

Nearby Towns: Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Puerto Sánchez, Bahía Murta.

Estimated Distance and Time from Coyhaique: 218 kilometers; 4 hours and 30 minutes.

b- Access Routes (by land/ by sea/ by air)

By Sea: Sailing from Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Bahia Murta or from Puerto Sánchez.

c- What to do / Activities:

The “Capilla de Mármol” foment different activities, among which the most popular are boat rides, kayaking, photography and the contemplation of flora and fauna.